Martin Lee M.T.
When I was a child in the Malaysia Peninsula on the equator, I took a color pen and liked it. Younger is more passionate about architecture and painting. For a long time, I have been pursuing innovation throughout my life, and I don’t want to stick to it. This kind of persistence is also seen in the multiplicity of works. The beauty of heaven and earth, living in Taiwan for a long time, finding the confidence of aesthetics, and using painting to express my purity, and the difference in oriental values. The love of art will not endure and endless succession.


1984 Bachelor of Architecture, Tunghai University, Taichung City. Taiwan.
2013 Executive Master of Business Administration, Taiwan University, Taipei City. Taiwan.
2017 Master of Arts, Department of Fine Arts, Tunghai University, Taichung city. Taiwan.


1975-77 Three years First place the high school group of the fine arts competition in Melaka, Malaysia.

1983 Won the Japan Shinkenchiku Residential Design competition- Honorable Mention. Japan.

1984 First place in Graduation Design,Tunghai University architecture dept. Taiwan.

1997 Design Tze Ai Disability Rehabilitation complex won the Taiwan architecture award. Taiwan.

2000 Received the merits of building a temporary house after the 921 earthquake in Taiwan.


1984 Participated in the modern design exhibition of University of Washington, USA.

1984 Taipei City Art Museum-municipal Construction planning and Design exhibition.

2017 Taichung City Tunghai University Art Center. ‘ Passion. The Composite Code’ solo exhibition.

2017 Tainan City earthen trench art museum.’ Emotional ‘ solo exhibition

2018 Hualian Cultural Center- Arts Exhibition

2019 Taichung District Arts and Culture Center-Arts Exhibition

Country : Taiwan, Taichung City
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